Love to the Second Power

by Laura West

Love is an important ingredient in your business.

When you are passionate about what you do then it’s natural and easy to love your customers.

You start looking for ways you can listen to them and create solutions to help support them. We’ve been taught to be responsive to what your clients need next.

There’s also a second type of love that’s necessary in your business.

It’s loving yourself.

This is not about some fake affirmation… looking in the mirror and saying, “Who loves ya baby?”

It’s about having a deep appreciation, respect and allowing yourself to be in wonder and awe of who you are and how your presence.

I can tell when a new client loves what they do but they don’t quite love themselves. There’s an incongruency. It’s not in the words they use or the copy they write. It’s in the energetics of what is communicated along with those words.

It’s often a place where I will start with a new client. Uncovering that sense of unworthiness that holds them back from fully believing in their Beautiful Brilliance and gifts. That sense of deep shame that keeps them from ever actually getting out in front of people in a bigger and more visible way.

Sometimes it shows up by withholding your success by sabotaging it in all sorts of fascinating and creative ways. You’re too busy, have a constant a sense of overwhelm, taking on new projects before finishing another, or just an everlasting case of never getting to the important things that will really shift their business in a big way.

As a creative type I can be inspired by lots of new ideas. I love making connections and seeing new products and programs I can create. That works… right up until I get overwhelmed and lose my focus.

That’s why I love working with my own coach. For over 20 years I have had different coaches for different types of support: career, starting a new business, spiritual, finding my voice, money coaches, accessing my intuition, upleveling my marketing, leveraging my work and so on.

I like having someone come into my business and life environment and tell me what they see. Because you can’t see your own creative blocks and saboteurs!

And there usually is that way you are creatively dodging that sense of not fully loving a part of yourself.

If you keep circling around rejecting a part of yourself and not loving yourself then you’ll miss out on that feeling of being totally aligned with your magnificence and magnetic presence… and the impact of that. When you attract people and extraordinary opportunities to you without a ton of hustle.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still work to be done, hard decisions, and focused effort… but instead of feeling insurmountable it feels like a healthy challenge!

Where in your business or life are you pushing away success? Pushing away loving yourself enough to show up fully and beautifully in who you came on this planet to be?

That’s who we want to see!

What’s one step you could take today to have that amazing person be seen and heard?

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