Video: How to Fall in Love with Your Business Again!


For some inspiration for your creative projects, I want to share my guest appearance on The Daily Huddle show this week.

It was a fun, inspiring and energy-giving experience. I talk about how to find your spark of joy and bring it into your business, so you find the energy, inspiration and possibilities in your business again.

Here’s the show:

Special thanks to Saurel and Giovanni – the Daily Huddle is obviously an example of a Passion Project for them!

Here’s something really cool and love-enhancing: They BOTH called me after the show to shower me with love and appreciation. They do that with all their guests. No sales. No comments about sharing the show. But it sure made me WANT to support their show and their success! (Great idea to Steal Like an Artist – and make it yours!)


PS: I gave away a special gift – Create Your Best Day Ever! Daily Journal Ritual and also an Abundance and Success Affirmations printable that you can hang by your tea or coffee maker to start your day off aligning your energy for the best day ever! Click here to get yours.

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