[Video] Louise Hay, Radical Ideas and Passion Projects


I wanted to share with you a Facebook Live video I did yesterday.

In it I talk about honoring Louise Hay as a pioneer of the transformation world. She certainly has impacted my life. I still keep my copy of Heal Your Life nearby. Plus I’ve bought probably 100’s of books, courses and workshops from Hay House authors.

What I like to remember is that her global phenomenal book and mega publishing company… started as a pamphlet.

She wrote a pamphlet in 1972 about how you can heal yourself with your thoughts. She started sharing her message right in her own backyard with people in San Francisco who suffered from AIDS.

Twelve years later she published her book, You Can Heal Your Life, and it began the first step in her publishing company.

She started with a small pamphlet about a radical idea – your thoughts matter.

I believe we all have seeds of ideas that can help change lives. Maybe you’ll eventually have as big of an impact that Louise Hay ultimately had (and will continue to have) or maybe your idea impacts one life. It matters.

Next week I’m hosting a webinar called Radical Ideas for Radical Times where I’ll be sharing lots of ideas for what you can do to create a positive impact in the world. I’ll be giving you places to look where you can marry your expertise, passion and experience with what the world needs.

Join me and get inspired for your next Passion Project idea!

Here’s the details for the webinar – Radical Ideas for Radical Times.

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