You’ve Asked for It… LIVE Workshop!


I’ve had so many people asking for an in-person workshop with me, around the Creative Business Planning™ tools. So… I listened and I created! (Big smiles.)

We are having a small day-long retreat experience here in Atlanta. It’s an opportunity for me to take you through the Creative Business Planning system in-person and for you to be able to organize your ideas, focus your priorities and create an action plan!

I can tell you it will be…

*FUN – Who made up the rule that planning can’t be fun?!

*CREATIVE – Not like working on your “traditional type of plan” where it’s all linear… we work in mindmaps, circles, and energetic flow to get to your commitments.

*CONNECTING – It’s going to be a small group so there will be lots of brainstorming and great connections to like-spirited entrepreneurs!

*OH-SO-PRACTICAL – Even though I’m a creative catalyst – it’s all for the sake of you moving forward into your greater potential – for yourself and your business success.

*INSPIRING – It’s in a beautiful, fun location, with amazing people, and we are all up to cool projects and work in the world. That’s inspiring right there!

*REAL – One of the things I’m often told is how honest and real I am. I’ll coach you to find the path that will work for you, along with wisdom and experience of walking the path for 17 years!

*A RELIEF! – Yes, you read that right! It’ll be a relief to be able to answer that question… “Why yes, in fact, I DO have a business plan!”

There’s only a few spots available for Friday, February 2 workshop – so don’t delay, grab your spot now! And then I’ll send you a Discovery Questionnaire so I can get to know your business ahead of time. Here’s the link for the Creative Business Planning LIVE workshop!

See you there!

PS: I keep getting such amazing feedback about the Creative Business Planning™ system – clients saying things like, “Wow! I’m so inspired. I LOVE this. I LOVE planning like this! Who knew! I feel so ready for the year. For the first time ever I feel big things are possible!”

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