Liberate Your Soul Voice

Your soul has a message for you. Your soul wants you to sing, shout, and shine your brilliant light into the world!

But maybe you’ve kept her quiet. Tamped down her joyful spirit because you’re afraid people wouldn’t understand or approve.

Sometimes it’s easier to silence our souls than risk being embarrassed or disappointed because people don’t understand you, but that’s not really living, is it?

Living fully means taking that risk and developing that inner courage and confidence to let your soul speak… loudly and proudly.

I have been on the journey to liberate my truest, deepest, soul-led voice… really for all my life.

I call it a journey because it’s full of twist and turns. Unexpected rest stops, some uphill climbs and some easy breezy flatlands.

But once you start, you can’t ever not let your soul lead again.

You have the most amazing gifts. You have a unique combination of talents, gifts, expertise, philosophy, worldview and personality. No one else is exactly like you.

There are people who need to hear your message…your deep true soul voice.

Aren’t you ready to stop hiding or downplaying that?

Are you ready to recognize, embrace, and celebrate your soul work and let it shine so brightly that nothing could ever extinguish your fire?

Here’s where we’re going to start.

  • First, we’re going to listen to that calling deep inside. That insistent voice that says, “I know what’s missing from the world, or from my industry, and I’M the one that can help people find it.”

  • Find that place inside that KNOWS. You are the one that can help others. There is a place deep inside that is UNSHAKEABLE.

  • Then, we’re going to cast off the weight of the expectations of others and do things OUR way. Forget the “normal” approach! This is YOUR life, YOUR business, and you can express it in whatever beautiful, authentic way you choose!

  • Next, we’re going to trust ourselves. Trust is a big one. We are going to believe wholeheartedly in our gifts, our methods, our message, our abundance, and our success.

  • Finally, we are going to release our brilliance onto the world in a way that attracts our people, our opportunities, and our soul tribe to us like magnets.

The journey will be a little different for everyone. Your calling will direct you to your path, whether it’s writing, or creating a podcast, or a tv show, or designing a life-changing course, or simply speaking up the next time you feel that deep urge. But wherever your soul leads, follow her.

Will it be scary?


It’s hard to shine boldly when the world so often tells you to sit down, be quiet, stay in your lane…

But let’s remember that we don’t need the world’s permission. We’re giving OURSELVES permission to say, “YES!!” To follow our calling. To forge our paths. To live a bold, courageous, confident life.

And you know what happens then?

You become free.

Free to sing your song, share your voice, and follow the path designed for you, and you alone. Free to build an incredible business, make as much money as you want, and do it YOUR way. Free to live an abundant, joyful, soul-filling life.

Are you ready for the journey? The next step… listen to more ideas and inspiration on my latest TV Show.

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