Let’s get creative! Join me for Soul Art Day!


I am really excited to share this with you as I think you’ll agree…Creativity is fast becoming the new currency in our world.

The more we are able to tap into our inner artist and harness our creative powers the more clear we are about our purpose, and the more empowered we are to live our dreams.


I am calling your Creative Spirit to join me on International Soul Art Day, happening May 14th, to unleash your creativity and empower your inner artist.

I participated last year virtually and created my own Soul Map – it was very powerful. This year Laura Hollick, creator of International Soul Art Day, has invited me to her studio in Toronto to create my Soul Map in person. I’m so thrilled to be in the nest of this creative beehive!

You can sign up for Soul Art Day, too, and participate right from the comfort of your own home!

When you sign up, you’ll receive a free virtual ticket to this Global Creative Event and you’ll gain access to Laura’s Hollick’s 4 Sacred Soul Art Rituals to guide you through your very own Soul Art Journey.

Sign up and you’ll be joining thousands of Soul Artists from around the world who are claiming their power to be creative.

As I said, I am participating in Soul Art Day by being live in the studio (Did I mention that I’m BEYOND excited?!).

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your creative spirit in the Soul Art Day vortex, too!

Let’s get creative!

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