Let’s Bottle Up that Fun Friday Energy & Use It!

by Laura West

There is just something about Fridays!

I believe the energy in the world shifts on Fridays.

Everyone is looking forward to some down-time over the weekend. No matter how hard the week is, people tend to smile more. They bring in donuts to work. They usually have a little skip in their step!

It’s that joy energy…

That energy is available to you any time – all the time.

I know many of you cultivate that joy and passion energy throughout your whole week.

But I find something happens when you put your passion into your business. As passionate as I know you are about your business, it’s still easy to pulled down by that long “to-do” list.

What you need is a Passion Project!

It’s a container, a structure or a focus that will give you a reason to put your voice, your important work and point of view out into the world in a bigger way than your normally do.

When you base your projects on passion, you find that extra energy, that extra commitment is not so hard.

That’s how I’ve grown my business so steadily over the almost 17 years of being a coach…

Consistent marketing PLUS Passion Projects!

It’s not always easy to know what is the right Passion Project for you – that’s why I’m hosting a webinar next week to help you to discover yours!

It’ll be fun, creative, inspirational and totally practical!

And… if you are finding yourself wondering how can I make a bigger difference… it starts right here!

I hope you’ll join us so you can create a shift in your business this fall!

Join me and other coaches, experts, holistic healers and changemakers to Discover Your Passion Project!

Title: Discover Your Passion Project Training Webinar

Date: Tuesday, August 22

Time: 11:00am Eastern | 10:00am Central | 9:00am Mountain | 8:00am Pacific | 4:00pm UK – 90 minutes

Cost: FREE!

Find out more here and register to Discover Your Passion Project.

Let me know if you have any questions & I look forward to seeing you next week,

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