Learn to B.R.A.G. It’s not enough to be Good at what you do.


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It’s Not Enough To Be Good At What You Do

I want to share with something that is really important to your success.

This is something that the training schools for your expertise don’t tell you.

It’s not enough to be good at what you do.

Being good at what you do isn’t enough to get you clients.  It isn’t going to get you known. Or, referred. Or be the thing that will help you make beyond six figures.

You need to be great at what you do AND Be Known.

Your ideal clients and your community need to KNOW what services you offer AND that you are really good!

It’s time to be brave and tell people.

Tell more people.

So, you have to brag. 

Not the old-fashion type of bragging from when you were a kid where you haughtily proclaimed that your bike was the fastest, prettiest and sparkly-est!

This is B.R.A.G.-ing for the new modern times where marketing is about creating personal connections.

B. Bold

R. Ready

A. Authentic

G. Generous

It’s about being bold enough to say, “I can help you solve your problem and I am ready for you.” Saying this and demonstrating it in a way that is authentic to your personality and style and generous in it’s intention.

It’s not about “look at me and see how great I am.” It’s about “I’m so confident in my abilities to help you… that I am offering to help you.”

In fact, to NOT offer to help is playing very, very small and is well, it’s kinda mean.  What I’m saying is that if you have a solution to help me out of my pain, but you aren’t going to tell me about it then, wow, are you really going to let me suffer?

Being willing to B.R.A.G is about standing in your power, comfortably (even if it’s awkward, at first) and graciously offering to help.

Purpose is about living a life where you are sharing your gifts with those you can help create change.

Purposeful marketing is about being bold and telling  a bigger audience that you are here and you are ready to help them create change.

So – let’s start B.R.A.G.-ing! 

What does it  look like for you this week when you B.R.A.G?

AUDIO: You need to B.R.A.G! 

It’s Not Enough To Be Good At What You Do

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