7 Reasons You Want To Lead Retreats

by Laura West

One of the most common desires I hear from my clients, when they share their vision, is that they want to lead retreats.

Many of you have this same dream and want to lead retreats in beautiful locations – mountains, the ocean, on the lake, or you want to take a group to another country like Bali or Costa Rica or Italy!

I know the call of a retreat can be very dreamy and you might be thinking that you’ll do it… someday…

Well, as a fan and leader of retreats in beautiful locations I want to help make it a reality. Starting with 7 Reasons to Lead a Retreat and ending with an invitation for one of you (there’s only 1 spot left) to attend the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea for inspiration, coaching, transformation and training on leading retreats.

First, let me share with you…

7 Reasons You Want To Lead Retreats

1. Retreats are so much easier to design and lead than training programs.

They really are much easier to design and lead than a workshop or other training program. In a retreat, you don’t have to provide a big training curriculum. It’s about it being experiential. You’ll want to create mini experiences within the big experience of the retreat for them to move through and embody the desired change.

2. This is where the big transformational shifts happen.

Because it’s so experiential – big shifts happen at retreats. Your clients will come to your retreat one way and leave feeling bigger, expansive, more confident and sure of their vision and abilities! It’s personally such a sacred space and an honor to provide the retreat container for this to happen.

3. Retreats are perfect place for your creative expression.

This is the big driver for my clients. A retreat is an opportunity to create a beautiful, supportive environment that is full of your personal stamp of self-expression and an intimate platform for your unique point of view. If you know the power of yoga then include that. If you know the transformational power of art, you get to include art. (Like I do – and my clients absolutely love it!) This is part of your secret sauce – what makes your retreat stand out from others. Why someone wants to come be with you.

4. Your clients want to meet your community.

I hear this one a lot… “Laura, you attract the most interesting, positive and creative people!” My clients want to meet more of my clients. A retreat gives them that opportunity. You too have a unique tribe – I’m sure they’d love to meet each other and create together in a retreat!

5. You make more money.

Retreats are an opportunity to add more money to your business. It can be from the investment in the retreat, which is often a higher price point than working one-to-one, or it may come from the work they want to do with you after they experience you leading an amazing retreat! This can be thousands of dollars added to your bottom line if you do it with that intention in mind. (In a unique non-salesy way… no one wants to go to a retreat just to be sold to!)

6. You get to write off the travel of going to beautiful, fun locations.

Ok, this a bonus! You get to write off that beautiful hotel, lodge, retreat center or beach house. I always say that I have the best job in the world!

7. It’s an opportunity to own and deepen your authentic leadership and message.

Leading your own retreats is a powerful way to step into your leadership. When you are seen as the leader of a retreat, people look to you as an expert, an authority, and the go-to-expert. Don’t be surprised if you start getting more invitations to speak and collaborate. Plus, more clients will gravitate to you, even if they didn’t come to the retreat, just because they see you as a person who makes cool, creative experiences happen!

8. Bonus: It’s fun!

I so love leading retreats because it’s a wonderful blend of creating community, deep connection, creative expression and being a leader. It really is fun and exciting to create and lead retreats!


If you are serious about leading retreats of your own, and adding them to your business offerings the best recommendation I have is to make sure you have been to a retreat! You need to experience it for yourself so you know how to create a truly transformative experience… and profitable experience!

With that being said… I have one spot left for this October’s Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea!

This retreat includes all the benefits I talked about above… the beautiful location, creative expression, leadership, transformation and fun. You get to experience it all here for you and your business AND learn how to do it yourself so you can leave ready to lead your own retreat! You’ll learn the pitfalls, plus ways to save money and time and effort.

If this sounds like you… then let’s set up a time to talk about the Retreat by-the-Sea and see if it’s a good fit! Contact me if you want to talk more about it.

We only have one spot left in the retreat circle… imagine its yours!

Create an amazing business!

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