Today is the Last Chance to Sign Up for Fun & Fab Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge!

by Laura West

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Sunday wherever you are!

I’ve been working on my intuitive art painting today… just playing. Giving myself some time to just play, relax and create with no intentions.

It’s amazing how soothing to the soul that can be – to just play, create and let loose without being attached to achieving major goals.

I started writing this to remind you that we start tomorrow with our 30-Day Challenge for the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up. As I began sharing my art process I realized how they are very similar – the Fun & Fab Follow Up philosophy and the intuitive art.

They both are about relaxing and having fun.

They both are about doing it… without being attached to major goals. In Fun & Fab Follow Up – we are practicing connecting with 3 people every day… without being attached to “I must get clients now!” (That will kill the energy AND the sales potential!)

The intuitive art and the follow up fun are both about being committed AND following your intuition.

It’s about stimulating those good vibes.

Are you still with me here?

Then why don’t you come play?

Let’s stir up some positive energy in your tribe! You get to have fun, develop a new daily success habit and be in the flow of connection and abundance! It’s a surprisingly powerful simple idea.

We start tomorrow so go ahead and sign up so you’ll be ready to go tomorrow!

Here are the details: Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge.

We have a wonderful, excited group from around the world – so you’ll be sure to be inspired!

PS: Wait until you see all the great ideas for making follow up fun! AND, I’ll give you a buffet of ideas about how to reach out to connect, remind them you are there for them, colleagues to (re)connect with and so much more! Ok, go ahead and sign up and then get back to enjoying your day of relaxation!

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