Kickass Babe Lipstick & Other Alter Ego Image Shifters!

Hello & Happy Friday {{contact.first_name}}!

Two weekends ago I was in NYC. I flew up to celebrate a lifelong friend’s BIG birthday and of course, to visit my son, Sam. So much fun! Such great experiences! So many steps! (my feet held out!)

One of the things we did for the birthday girlfriend weekend was go to Lip Lab. It’s a unique, fun experience where you get to create your own lipstick. How cool is that?

From guiding the mixologists to create your perfect shade, and picking out your lipstick tube color to naming your lipstick. (Haven’t you always wanted to name a nail color?!)

As I was sitting at the counter looking in the mirror thinking about my perfect lipstick name, I realized I wanted this lipstick to be magical.

My intention is that every time I put it on, I want to feel a magic transformation turning into my altar ego self – Kickass Babe! (that name comes from another story I’ll share in a future email)

Kickass Babe is the name of my Most Empowered Self. (MES!) It’s the part of me I want to shine more brightly – I want to turn UP the volume. That part of me who is a little more creative, soulful…and shares it with the world with confidence and delight x10!

You see, we all have images of ourselves.  One image might be of the one who can’t get it right. The one who doesn’t deserve success.

And the one who is Kickass Babe (or your version of her) – she’s got that special sway in her day and isn’t afraid to let it been seen! (or if she is…she does it anyways!)

What are the qualities of your Most Empowered Self?

What’s its name?

I’d love to hear!!

💃 Coming up soon I’m leading a special 4-Day workshop series – Dream Weaving™ Elevation.

I’d love for you to join us – it’s free and it’s transformative…and a whole lot of fun!

You’ll get in touch with your Most Empowered Self (MES) and see what wisdom, guidance and direction she has for you!

Here’s a bit more information and how to get your free ticket!

Dream Weaving™ Elevation Workshop Series

Mark your calendars for May 14th – 17th for an amazing experience!

📆 4 days

🕧 90 minutes each day

💖 Fresh strategies, creative tools, and deep healing every day…

🔮To help you open up  your most powerful, confident and creative self.

AND…the extra great news!

It’s free! 🙌

I am truly excited to share with you the NEW Dream Weaving™ Workshop Series.

Grab your complimentary ticket here.

I hope you’ll join us for this extraordinary biz-shifting experience!

And yes, you can join 1 day or all 4 – for free! (I am pretty sure you are going to want to attend all 4 days – they build on each other and we go to new levels of shifting and expansion).

Let me know if you have any questions!

I can’t wait to see you there!


PS: Here’s what Kerry Dobson, Group Program Architect and leader of The Great Group Revolution has to say about Dream Weaving™ : 

“With Dream Weaving ™, so much more is possible…with way more ease. It’s like I’m plugged into a different energy source and I’m powered up for the week ahead. I’ve gotten more done…and I actually look forward to doing it!”

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