Keep your vision from being buried alive

I know you didn’t become an entrepreneur because it was the easiest way to make a living in the world!

Really! There are easier ways where you don’t have to work so hard to keep yourself inspired!

Remember back at the beginning? You became an entrepreneur because you had a vision… a vision of using your passions and gifts for helping people, for making the world a better place, a vision of solving a particular problem or challenge for people… probably that very same challenge you’ve dealt with, too!

I bet you have a little smile… and feel your heart tug at that dream!

How’s that vision going now, though?

Is your vision still alive and inspiring you to take action every day, or has it gotten buried? Lost in the piles?

I’ve been working with creative entrepreneurs for over 10 years, and one of the things I do is to help them realize their gifts and bring their vision into the world – in a viable business. (Yes, passion and business go together!)

Lately, I’ve expanded some of the work I’ve done to design a custom Vision Map to go along with our one-on-one Creative Business Visioning Sessions.
While all my maps are different (as are my clients and their businesses!), one thing stays the same…. my clients all tell me that they look at their maps every day.


Imagine having a visual reminder of your vision and the real purpose that you’re doing in the world.

(If you haven’t already, take a peek at some of the gorgeous maps I’ve created for my clients. They’re beautiful… and inspiring!)

You can sign up for a Creative Business Visioning Session with me and get your own custom-designed map ($300 value).

If you sign up by Friday, November 30, you get your custom map free with your Creative Business Visioning Session. After November 30, I’ll no longer include the Vision Maps for free. (I love doing these, and they take about 2-3 hours each. Plus, I have a waiting list.)

So, if you think you might want one of these Vision Maps, plus a really kick-ass Creative Business Visioning Session with a seasoned marketing and creative business coach, you’ll want to sign up by November 30!


Sign up for your very own Creative Business Visioning Session!


I’d love to help you bring your vision alive in a truly inspiring and beautiful way!



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