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JumpStart Your Bigger Game
Coaching Package

Laura West, SpiritRich™
Success and Business Coach


Are you feeling overwhelmed at where to start… your project, your product, your next launch, or your new bolder message?

Has marketing felt like a chore or you’ve been resisting it?

Have you lost your way and need to reconnect with your passion for your work?

Are you ready to launch yourself into your industry in a bigger, more visible way, but not sure where to start first?

Together… We can shift your energy and shift your results!



Here is a unique opportunity to work with me privately one-on-one for the personal attention you want and need for your business.

For a limited time I am offering a special four-session, two-month coaching package. Simple and focused.

No travel. No long commitment time. No mega-investment.

I can help you see where your greatest opportunities are and how to get unstuck and move forward.  I know this business stuff sounds easy when the “experts” talk about it. The reality is when you’re sitting in your home office all alone, it can quickly get overwhelming…. and you spiral into doubt.

If you are tired of being on the hamster wheel of frustration, overwhelm and doubt with your business, then let’s move into possibility, expansion, confidence and success with grace and ease!  That’s my specialty!

I help you get clarity, align your energy so it's easy, and move forward!


"I have been amazed at Laura's ability to take me from marketing-allergic to marketing with joy, ease, enthusiasm and heart! She is really adept at finding your magnificence and reflecting it back to you in such a way as to make you confident that what you have to offer simply must not be withheld from the world. And that you have a sacred responsibility to share it with all those people whose lives your unique gifts will bless!

If you're fortunate enough to get to work with Laura, make sure she's recording your coaching sessions because you will not want to let a single one of her empowering insights and ideas get away from you.

She is simply brilliant--and maybe more importantly, knows how to impart that brilliance to you."

Julia Rogers Hamrick
Author of Choosing Easy World


“As Laura's Business Manager, of course, I love her!  I think she's the most amazing coach, and I've seen how she helps her clients.  But I’m not talking just as her Business Manager; I also have firsthand experience of this.  In just two coaching sessions, she and I narrowed my target market (which is going to make EVERYTHING SO much each easier), prioritized my next steps, and figured out my new free gift.  She even gave me specific, detailed feedback on my newsletter and website.  In just two sessions!  I am so ready to move forward - because of Laura!”

Dawn Goldberg
Creativity & Writing Expert


Even with just four powerful coaching sessions, you can make amazing progress. I’ve been coaching for over 10 years now… believe me when I say I’ve seen it all. I know where we most likely get stuck and what needs to shift to open up the success and money!


Here are some ideas for the kind of work we can do together in the Jumpstart Your Bigger Game Coaching:

  • Focus on owning your unique business vision – and embracing you as THE Business Goddess of your Business!  You get to choose, decide, move forward, rest, invest, say yes, say no. You have so much creative power to unleash into your business.  Learn to trust it! ~The world is waiting to hear from you~
  • Embrace that YOU are THE "Go-To Goddess," or what I also call a "Likeable and Trusted Expert."  Identify your unique strengths, gifts, passions and personality and incorporate them into your brand so you stand out and are memorable!
  • Identify your ideal people… the ones you are meant to work with!  We’ll zone in on your Magnetic Specialty Niche – this makes all your marketing so much more impactful when you are speaking to the right people!  They WANT what YOU have to offer!
  • Identify your unique Thought Leadership focus…what is the “purpose-inspired work” you are meant to be doing in the world and how do you start a movement in your business… with grace, creativity and excitement?!
  • Make your marketing easy, creative and fun! Develop a creative marketing campaign to launch your next program or product – that YOU LOVE!  By working with your authentic marketing style we’ll determine what systems you need, how to set up an email campaign, and how to incorporate creative marketing ideas like videos, blog tours, bonus offers, webinars and preview calls.
  • Brainstorm and create packages and programs in your Empire Hourglass (my version of the marketing funnel) for a full business model that attracts clients at every level (from beginner to seasoned) and allows you to leverage your time and expertise.  There is a lot to know about developing connection and relationships where a potential client joins your list or community and then takes the step to buy something from you… and then keeps on buying!
  • Work on your authentic and *from the soul* enrollment process where you have conversations with clients and authentically and easily enroll them into the right program and you don’t ever feel you are manipulating or pressuring them! (Ick – none of us likes that!)
  • Plan and strategize supportive and powerful systems, team, and a Foundational Business and Marketing Platform that will sustain your business growth – this is the HOW you can get it done without working 24/7 and stressing at 3 am in the morning wondering if things are going to get done!
  • Learn how to shift your energy and align with your greatest possibilities – in every moment!


We’ll identify your top priorities to help you move your business forward….first identifying your most important goals:

  • List Building
  • Increased Visibility
  • Clarity in Your Message or Brand
  • Creating Consistent Marketing Strategies that Work for You – day-in and day-out, whether you’re at the beach or doing your work in the world!
  • Increasing your Enrollment and Conversion into Paying Clients
  • Making More Money or More Consistent Money
  • Leverage Your Expertise into Products or Programs
  • Creating Highly Visible Joint Venture Opportunities

So, I’ll ‘fess up…. we won’t be able to do ALL of this in 4 coaching calls, but you will be amazed at the progress you’ll make in two months. Of course, much of your success depends on you… your commitment and readiness to take inspired, creative action!

Part of what we’ll coach on is to help you identify your biggest potential and shift from “frozen to flow”….we want to start the momentum flowing into your business!

In our initial coaching call, we’ll identify your top Energetic Priorities which will help open possibilities up for you.  We’ll focus in with our calls on how to get you moving and engaged in inspired actions that you are excited about…and actually can’t wait to do!

I’ve created this highly affordable package because I want you to be able get in the flow and start getting your work out in the world in a way that is really easy for you to say YES to!


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Sign Me Up!
Full Pay $1200
2 Payments of $650

Once you register for your JumpStart Coaching Package, then you’ll receive details about the next steps…how to schedule calls and you’ll receive a Discovery Package to help us get going pretty quickly!


See what others have to say about working with Laura:

Wendy Kerr - www.business-momentum.com
Executive Coach and Owner of Focused Momentum flew
from the U.K. for a private day to work with Laura.


Patrice Dickey"Working with Laura as my Business Goddess coach has helped me realize that my creative aversion to advance planning doesn't need to be "autocratically reformed" so that everything boils down to a strategy or a tactic (ugh words to me). Instead she helped me move gracefully with my own style awareness to help launch the Virtual Intuitive Strategy Session--five hours to Your Best Life! Thus I feel less pressure on myself while being more productive--and still having fun. Definitely in the flow!"

Patrice Dickey


Yes! I am Ready to
Get Started Right Now!

Sign Me Up!
Sign Me Up!
Full Pay $1200
2 Payments of $650

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