Joyful Business TV: How to Hire a Coach, plus other goodness!

Popping in for a quick reminder that a new episode of Joyful Business TV is airing tomorrow!

LIVE Show: June 23rd 9:00 am ET

This week I’ll share how to hire the RIGHT business coach to support you in your success! I’ve heard lots of feedback over the last couple of years about how hard it is to find a business coach and even some skepticism….

I’m uber passionate about the value of having the right support along your business growth journey. I’ve had all sorts of coaches over the last 25 years and I can’t imagine going it alone. I also have had my share of hiring mis-matches! Tune in for my stories, wisdom, advice and some other goodies to support your joyful business success!

3 Ways to Watch:

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  2. BINGE: You can also watch past episodes there too.
  3. On your TV: You can watch all the past episodes on Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV too! Just search for the WIN WIN Women Show.

Make a note on your calendar to join me any Thursday morning to fill up your well with inspiration, ideas and practical creative marketing strategies for your business. Let’s have 2022 be the year that your Radiant Self and message shine brightly!

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