Joyful Business TV: Grow Your Business Smarter With Collaboration

Popping in for a quick reminder that a new episode of Joyful Business TV is airing tomorrow!

LIVE Show: June 16th 9:00 am ET

I’m going to be out of town for this week’s episode but I have an amazing Guest Host, Dr. Davia Shepherd. Davia is a great friend, colleague and TV Show host too. This week the show will be able how to grow your business with collaboration. Davia is passionate about women helping women get more visibility and exposure so tune in for her strategies and inspiration!

3 Ways to Watch:

  1. Join me LIVE Thursdays at 9am ET/6am PT at
  2. You can also watch past episodes there too.
  3. You can watch all the past episodes on Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV too! Just search for the WIN WIN Women Show.

Make a note on your calendar to join me any Thursday morning to fill up your well with inspiration, ideas and practical creative marketing strategies for your business. Let’s have 2022 be the year that your Radiant Self and message shine brightly!

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