JBTV – Joy – The North Star in Your Business

Did you know that our brains are hard-wired to give more emphasis on things that are negative rather than things that are positive?

It’s true.

It hardly seems fair!

That’s why it takes effort to shift your energy, to align with joy… over and over again!

The negative – let’s keep her safe at all costs – reptilian brain wants to shut down your business growth.

That’s a scary path… full of unknowns, vulnerability and wow, risk-taking.

However, it’s worth it to pursue joy as your North Star.

To keep adjusting your compass to point toward your joy.

You’ll be rewarded… inside and out!

In this week’s episode of Joyful Business TV, I talk about the JOY… what, how, why… and more how’s!

Here’s what you’ll find…

#52: Joy is the Secret Success Ingredient

Following your joy grows your business exponentially! Studies have proven that Joy is essential to your creativity, confidence & risk-taking. More joy will help your business grow.

In this episode I share:
*Even in uncertain and stressful times, Joy is available
*How Joy is the North Star on your compass
*Why is joy is essential to the success of your business
*The Joy – Creativity connection
*Having a Generosity Mindset changes everything!
*And so much more inspiration!

Watch here.

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