Join Us Now – Today is the last day to get the Special Grand Opening All-Access Price


Just a quick reminder before you head out to enjoy a wonderful weekend… TODAY is the last day to get the special Grand Opening Month price for the All-Access Pass to the Business Fusion Studio.

The Business Fusion Studio is a playground where you get step-by-step modules for creativity projects for your personal joy and your creative business spirit!

With the All-Access Pass, you will receive:

all the Personal Creativity Modules and Creative Marketing Modules, filled with tools for you to shift your energy, mindset, heartset, and creative expression!

Mini Creative Tools from Guest Business Muses,

Live Open Q&A Business Fusion call with me every month.


Everyone is talking about this program! It’s definitely leading edge!

Now, you may be wondering if you have the time…

… In each Creative Module, you’ll receive step-by-step videos, demonstrations, and resources for how to ignite your creative business spirit.

… It’s also self-directed, so you go at your own speed.

… It’s like a buffet of creative marketing modules and personal creativity projects… you get to choose what to put on your plate!

Summer is the perfect time to infuse some FUN and PLAY into your business! Love waking up on Monday again by awakening your creative spirit!


Join Business Fusion Studio Now!


Here’s the deal and a helpful reminder:

You can buy ONE module for ONLY $47 each.
(Very affordable to test drive this program)


Invest in the All-Access Pass for ONLY $347



And get all 16 Creative Modules to help you with new marketing ideas, and opening up your fun, passionate, creative energy!

Reminder: The All-Access Pass price of $347 is only good TODAY!

(You can also choose our convenient and generous 3-pay and 5-pay plans.)

Remember: The price goes up Saturday!

Aren’t you ready to let so of the same ‘ol business boredom and ignite your Creative Business Spirit!



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