Join me Thursday in a special unleashing your creative spirit day-long experience!


When you grow your creativity personally, you grow your creativity professionally too! It changes everything in your business.
~ Laura West

You know I’ve been talking a LOT about the yearning women have to unleash their creative spirit and how as I have embarked on this journey to personally embrace my creativity and passion my whole business has shifted!

We’ll, I’m thrilled to have asked by Laura Hollick of to be a partner in co-creating International Soul Art Day this Thursday, May 9th.

Get this: it’s an entire day where thousands of others from around the world – including me! – are getting creative for the day.

Why don’t you clear the day or at least a chunk of the day to feed your creative spirit with a free Soul Art journey? Laura Hollick will be guiding you to connect with your creative spirit so you can receive a vision for your next level.

You can sign up for your FREE Soul Art Journey here.

Looking forward to celebrating International Soul Art Day with you!

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