Join Me & Let’s Discover Your Passion Project!


I believe in the power of passion.

Your passion is engaging.

When you are lit up, excited, enthusiastic – it adds power to your marketing in a way that the right words can’t do alone.

Passion + Smart Business transforms into something more powerful than 1+1 =2.

It’s more like 1+1 = 11!

When you add PASSION to the mix in your business, your enthusiasm, engagement, & aliveness create a powerful magnetism.

This magnetism of attracting energy and your focused action is what creates opportunities, ideas, and synchronistic adventures!

I so believe in the power of passion AND focused action – I’ve created a free training teleclass, Discover Your Passion Project, to help you with discovering your Passion Project.

“What is a Passion Project?” you might ask.

A Passion Project is when you focus your energy and actions into ONE project that will move you and your business forward!

It makes YOU come alive.

It gives you a channel for your true voice, gifts, and crazy interests!

It captures attention, visibility, opportunities, and, yes, clients!

Watch my video below where I talk about how magical and powerful a Passion Project can be to you and our business.

Then sign up below to join me and other creative women entrepreneurs on Tuesday, May 19 for a Free Training to Discover Your Own Passion Project!


I’ll be sharing my four-step process with you so you can discover your very own Passion Project!

I’ll show you how to brainstorm possible ideas for your Passion Project.

And THEN how you decide WHICH IDEA is the RIGHT ONE. (This is the #1 question I get every time!)

I also will share with you 3 amazing creative business tools that you can use over and over in your business. (That alone will help you make decisions, focus and take actions… the right-brain way!)

And, most importantly, you’ll learn how you can make your Passion Project come alive!


Join me and other creative women entrepreneurs to Discover Your Passion Project!


Title: Discover Your Passion Project Training Telecall
Date: Tuesday, May 19
Time: 12:00pm eastern | 9:00am pacific | 5:00pm UK – 90 minutes
Cost: FREE!


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Discover Your Passion Project



I’m ready to help you discover YOUR passion project. Are you?!

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