Join me for a behind-the-scenes look…


Do you want to learn how you can add more creativity and passion to your business?

And make some money too?

While building a community of creative entrepreneurs who are going to want to work with you again and again?

Join me for a special behind-the-scenes look at my successful 30-Day Passion Project™ program – and learn how you can become licensed to bring this program to your very own community.

On this call you’ll learn:

  • The common signs that you are thirsting for more creativity and passion in your business and what you can do about it. (Can you say boredom and frustration?)
  • Why a 30-day program is the perfect introductory program for your business model… AND how you can build your Business Hourglass Model with a 30-Day Program.
  • Why this is an easy way to add excitement to your business, AND it’s a smart way to add income too.
  • What a 30-Day Passion Project™ is and the secret behind over 300 Passion Projects!
  • How you can create and grow a community of creative entrepreneurs that you’ll love and will be central to growing your business too.
  • Why becoming a 30-Day Passion Project™ leader and facilitator will help you embrace your creative thought leadership and position you as an expert – and you’ll feel confidence doing it!
  • How you can be seen as a leader in your niche with this high quality creative program… and be a part of a growing brand and community of creative business owners
  • And so much more!

You’re sure to be inspired!


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Looking forward to having you on this behind-the-scenes call and hearing you get excited about new creative possibilities!

With creative success,