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As a reminder, here are the benefits of your Joyful Business Studio membership:

Marketing & Mindset Monthly Workshop

  • Every month you’ll get a hands-on workshop where you get to dive into a marketing, message, money or mindset strategy. Not just learning ABOUT it, but applying it right then to your business.
  • You’ll receive creative tools, marketing strategies, energy shifting tools, and trends… ideal for the lifestyle entrepreneur building a business from the inside out. (*See below for more details on topics.)
  • Each training call comes with Notes, so you can follow along and easily take your own notes.
  • These calls are held monthly via Zoom Webinar. Calls are held the first Wednesday of the month.
  • Recordings of all calls posted in a private membership site.

Step into Your Power Group Coaching Call

  • Fill up your well, get inspired and get coaching so you can move your creative projects forward!
  • Boost Your Inspiration, Creativity and Take Inspired Action + Group Coaching
    This call is priceless! It will shift your energy, connect you to your purpose, boost your creativity, and help you get unstuck so you can take action to grow your business the Joyful Business way!
  • Every month I’ll host an open coaching call to answer your questions for custom answers and coaching that are specifically in your business. The day before I’ll ask for questions for the call. This gives you some time to be thoughtful and go inside for the real question, instead of just being on the spot and addressing surface issues.
  • Group Coaching calls are held the third Wednesday of the month.
  • Recordings of all calls posted in the private membership site.

Joyful Business Planning System ($197 value)

  • You also get these cool tools and planners for creating your big plan for the year and then specific focus areas for 90 days and each week. This is invaluable! 20+ creative worksheets and training audios to guide you in creating a motivating plan AND checking in with it throughout the year!

Community and Support

  • Help, support, resources are available to you when you need it most through our private Facebook mastermind community.
  • Every week I’ll post Energy Shifting Quotes and Questions for the week to get you thinking differently from an inner perspective to outer action.
  • I’ll also post answers to your questions and comments throughout the week, Monday – Friday, so you get access to my wisdom, experience, and expertise along with the wisdom of the community.
  • You’ll make lifelong friendships that will move beyond the Studio. (Many of my clients say that is one of their greatest pains – not feeling like they have anyone around them in their neighborhood who “gets” them. Here you’ll be with kindred spirits!)

Quarterly Get It Done! Virtual Retreats!

  • We don’t just talk about planning once a year – we keep it alive. Plans give you a focus and a place to aim. During these quarterly planning online retreats you get time to tweak your plan and recommit to your focus! I’ve held these for years – my clients love them! Virtual Planning Retreat Days will be held in January, March, June and September. (As long as you are a Studio member during that month, you can attend!)


You’ll receive Instant Access to our Joyful Business Training and Coaching Library. Look for the link in your email for the Membership site.


You’ll find oodles of support, inspiration, strategies and ideas in our comprehensive Joyful Business Library.



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