It’s time to Come Out of Hiding & Embrace Your Passion

As the world is starting to open up more, are you ready?

I was visiting in Atlanta last week with lots of people, where our meeting was one of their first forays out into the world of networking in a very long time.

There were deep conscious hugs. There were tears. Lots of smiles and bright energy.

There was also a lot of conversation about how each person was ready to come out of hiding…both from the pandemic but also in their business.

Each person I spoke to felt a blossoming (kind of a rebirth) of their passion for their Soul Work.

There was a positive expansive desire to get their work…their message, their projects, their creative ideas out in a bigger way to help more people.

While in a bigger way….but in a new and refreshed way.

️❤️ One of my clients had a life changing photo shoot complete with stylist and make-up artist. It was profound the new charge of energy and confidence she felt for her message from that experience.

❤️ One of my dear friends has been re-evaluating her life and business and what she wants to be focused on now. She’s in her “retirement” years (whatever that means for passion-sourced entrepreneurs!) and isn’t feeling a pull to slow down, as much as she is ready to shift her focus on the gifts she is meant to give now.

❤️ I had dinner with a couple who are dear friends and they are deciding where they want to live for the next phase of their life. What will support a life they love and the work they are passionate about sharing.

❤️ I had conversations about writing books, walking the Camino, retreats in Costa Rica, new healing modalities, hosting TV shows and podcasts, and daring to create new programs and how to do these things from a deep soul-inspired place.

❤️ At the Pop Up Success Café, the conversation and connection was so rich and deep that they called it business therapy!

We are ready for those real, honest conversations about what really matters.

How about you? Are you feeling the pull for doing more of what really matters?

Here’s a few questions for you to open up the creative flow…

  1. What have you been stuffing down?
  2. Where have you been holding back thinking that it isn’t professional, or your clients aren’t ready for it?
  3. What is that secret dream underneath?
  4. Wouldn’t it be amazing if…
  5. If only I were brave enough, I’d…
  6. If I would just let go of what others thought, I would…

Get curious about these questions.

There’s treasure in the answers. They will point you toward your new vision.

You may not know HOW.

It’s ok.

Let go of the HOW and just say YES!

Then follow the energy and take the next step!

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