{Invitation} 3 states of Flow

Hello Laura & Happy Beautiful Friday to you!

Have you seen my invitation to the free workshop yet?

Next week I’m hosting a super fun and experiential workshop called A Taste of Flow.

You may be wondering exactly what is Flow?

It is one of those words that has become really popular lately and I’ve noticed that it means different things to different people.

Here’s how I experience Flow…
It happens in 3 ways.

The traditional way to experience a Flow state is when you are super focused. You are being very productive and “in the flow” of getting stuff done. We love when that happens! This can occur when you are writing but also when you are cleaning or doing your taxes. It’s more about productivity and getting stuff done efficiently. We love that right?

And there’s more.

There’s the second way you experience Flow and that’s when you are creating what you love, when you feel the creation come through you. It’s as if you are a channel for the inspirational flow. The ideas come to you and you can’t shake it. The words come to you without struggle. You may find yourself saying, “I don’t even know where the words came from!”

The third level of Flow is about being connected to the Universal Abundance Current. This is where your Souls Work comes to you and you have a knowing, a vision or a feeling that this is what you are meant to do in the world. You also experience a high level of synchronicities, and surprising support from unexpected places (from your seen and unseen friends). Here is where you tap into deep creativity and wisdom.

The first level requires you to settle down.
The second level asks that you slow down.
The third level of flow asks you to open up to receive.

Next Wednesday I want you to experience a Taste of Flow. Which level? Depends on where you are and what you are ready for.

I know this workshop will open a door to your intuition, creativity and courage for greater energetic alignment in your work.

More abundance and possibilities are available to you when you create in alignment with your true you. (Rather than following someone else’s model of “shoulds”)

You have a free ticket to A Taste of Flow – you can claim it here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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