JBTV – Interview with Linda Joy, Aspire Magazine

This week I have been living, working and playing in Atlanta. It’s been fun to see friends, family and colleagues. Today I am in a small town in Georgia, Milledgeville (former capital of Georgia, fyi), to see my son graduate college.

I’m such a proud mama. He’s grown into an amazing young man, leader and he’s got such a big heart. He’s going to be moving to NYC this summer for a job opportunity. I’m hoping they will appreciate his big heart in the big apple!

Speaking of big hearts…

I am thrilled to be able to share this interview I did with a long time colleague, Linda Joy, on Joyful Business TV. We have known each other for years but just recently connected and found that we are like soul sisters in our approach to life and business.

We have such fun talking about things like how she consulted Source during a dark night of the soul and birthed a whole new approach to her business, her daily rituals, how she uses her intuition each day to guide her business and how the world needs a new approach to business and so much more.

I really think you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s a bit more about Linda’s background:

Linda Joy is a Bestselling Publisher, Sacred Visibility™ Catalyst and Creatrix of numerous media and visibility brands, including the beloved Aspire Magazine.

Linda Joy passionately believes that when women come together in collaboration—magic happens.

In 2009, after her own struggles with the masculine marketing model and feeling disconnected from her voice,

Linda birthed the Feminine Collaborative Marketing Model™. Using this model, she attracted the first 10,000 subscribers to Aspire Magazine—within 90 days. She is dedicated to using her media platform to support clients and partners in elevating their visibility, connecting with their aligned audience, and enhancing their marketing messaging using feminine principles while spreading a message of self-empowerment and inspiration to women around the world.

You can watch it on the YouTube channel here.

Also, make sure you check out Linda’s resources to help you grow your visibility at: https://linda-joy.com/inspired-living-giveaway

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