If It’s Not About Hustling… Then What?

“Rise and grind!”

“Good things happen to those who hustle!”

“Hustle all day, EVERY day!”


I learned years ago that I am NOT a 24-7, hustle and grind kind of gal. That “go, go, go” mindset is a “never enough” construct that leaves me overwhelmed and ready to shut down.

But when the world is constantly telling you that you HAVE to hustle to succeed, it makes you wonder if it really is possible to run a thriving business without the hustle mindset…

I am living, breathing proof that it is COMPLETELY possible to create an amazing 6-figure business based on your beautiful soul work and authentic energy alone – no hustle required.



We’re going to start with the foundation of a soul-led business; your energy.

Your energy is completely, uniquely yours, and everyone follows their energy in different ways.

Your energy moves through your body, specifically your heart, head, and gut.

Your energy informs your thoughts, your communication, and your vision for your life and your business.

When you’re guided by your energy, you notice when you are in alignment or out of alignment.

Flow or Friction.

When your energy is flowing throughout, you begin to have access to information.

You see patterns. With your clients, in your business, with your Soul Tribe. Patterns you can use to write articles, create classes, retreats and programs.

An expansion. You are drawn toward expansion opportunities that your soul wants you to experience. Even if they don’t always make sense!

It’s a knowing. You’ll just spontaneous know that it’s the right direction for you.

new consciousness. It’s a new approach to business and life. One that isn’t about the old paradigm of struggle and striving but on alignment.

As you develop your awareness of how energy runs through you, you receive the messages that the universe is sending, and it opens your eyes and your soul to the ways you connect to other people, to ideas, to next action steps.

You find clarity.

And in the clarity, you find the answers to all the things you’ve been questioning:

– How to grow your business in an authentic, soul-led way.

– How to ignore the hustle culture and cut your own path.

– How to create your OWN definition of success and tune out the clattering noise of other voices that want to tell you who and what you should be.

It’s such a gift.

The ability to see the world through new eyes and use your body as an instrument of truth. The feeling of energy moving through you in divine ways. The knowledge that you are exactly who you’re meant to be.

Tune into even more about casting off the hustle culture and growing your business by paying attention to your energy. Watch episode #39 HERE. Watch now to learn how to listen to your energy and let it lead you to the path built just for you.

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