Ideas for Your 30-Day Passion Project


I’m so excited that the next 30-Day Passion Project is starting soon!

This is such a great opportunity to nurture a creative project idea in your business into a reality! (Or you may want to focus on a personal passion project.)

We have had almost 300 Passion Projects birthed in this program over the last 5 years. I can definitely say, new businesses were born, new programs and products were created, programs were filled with creative marketing ideas and creativity was unleashed from the fun focus of this program.

Some of you have mentioned that you are wondering what your Passion Project should be.

You’ll have the most success if you claim an idea that you are excited about. Something that gets you excited… and maybe a bit nervous about.

Here are some of the 30-Day Passion Projects we’ve seen over the years:

  • Create a video series for my new Corporate Crossover business
  • Organize, clean, set up my studio & build my dream creation table
  • Create a Photo Quote Series
  • Write new ebook: “Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility”
  • Beginner program for learning english for Japanese Women
  • Design, record, and package a meditation to help people sleep
  • 30 days of deep journal writing – to connect with my souls yearnings (and it led to finding words and authentic invitations to new retreat)
  • Creating a healing arts center at our church
  • Creating a new newworking club for women business owners
  • Creating a new confidence class for teen age girls
  • Designing and filling my retreat
  • Marketing & branding new line of comfortable yet stylish pajama bottoms for women
  • Creating proof for my program – enrolling the first clients & set up capturing the results
  • Journaling, writing, researching my next fiction novel
  • Organizing & categorizing my beads so I can start my jewelry side biz
  • Finding quotes & creating photo quotes for launching my upcoming book, “From Stuck to Success ~ Conquer Your Fears and Achieve Your Writing Dreams”
  • Exploring how to merge my highly creative & artist self with my coaching business
  • Combine my love of numerology/numerology business with my love of art/creativity, creating visual Numerology Maps
  • Develop a Creative Business Plan for my website
  • Creating a beautiful logo and labeling for my natural skincare line
  • 30 days of immersing in daily joy
  • Create a photo quote meme for my tribe
  • Produce a guided meditation for women
  • Create a deck of Essential Oil/Plant Oracle cards with an accompanying book of information for each plant/oil
  • Create my own range of herbal teas!
  • Create a set of chakra bracelets
  • I’ll be taking photos and creating a photo “blueprint” of what I want my new single life to look like
  • Record a video series to help people set up profiles on LinkedIn
  • Work on my graphic novel
  • Raise money for a glass art sculpture for the community
  • Create a Chinese cooking class to help others take out the mystery of Asian food
  • 30 days of juicy blogging and finding my voice and message
  • Creating relaxation/meditation and instructional audio CDs
  • Create a new rocking newsletter
  • 30 days of Facebook Live videos to increase my visibility and practice my message
  • Launch my new beautiful pajamas for women sleepwear company
  • Create a new workshop about stress management
  • Start a new meetup group for healthy living
  • Develop a new morning ritual to connect me to my bigger vision and my divine wisdom
  • Write my relationship book (yes, in 30 days!)

These are just a few of the Passion Projects that have been in the 30 Day incubator!

You’ll want to sign up soon as the $97 pricing only lasts until Friday.

Here’s the page with all the details and to sign up: 30-Day Passion Project.

We have a great group gathering and you will get plenty of support, championing, resources and coaching for how to create Flowmentum around your Passion Project.

If you still are churning over ideas for your 30-Day Passion Project then you may want to join us this Tuesday for the Radical Ideas in Radical Times webinar. LOTS of ideas for how to use your Unique Creative Brilliance to create a project to help create a positive impact on the world! The link to the free webinar is: Radical Ideas for Radical Times.

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