I Secretly Wanted to Play Big!


I remember when I first became a coach and I booked my very first business workshop across the country. It was Ali Brown’s first Online Success workshop. (This was before her blueprint and during her cowboy hat phase.)

I signed up for the event, booked my airline and hotel and then panicked. Why was I spending all this money?

In working with my coach, I realized that I wanted to PLAY BIG. I knew I had a bigger vision of myself than being a struggling coach with one-on-one clients.

Here’s the deep reveal for me… I also wanted to be in the room with other people who were PLAYING BIG too.

I wanted to be around them, soak in the energy of highly committed, creative business owners. I needed to surround myself with those who had big dreams and knew they could make a bigger impact in the world AND who wanted to make great money doing it.

It was a huge breakthrough for me to claim that. And you know what? My business expanded because I took at that big vulnerable risk to step into my dream.

I wanted to share my story because I know you may be feeling the same way.

You’ve probably seen pictures of my Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. It’s coming up this October.

I’ve heard so many of you say… I’ll go to that… ONE DAY.

One day… you’ll step into your potential. One day… you’ll decide to play bigger. One day… Well, next thing you know… a year has gone by… or five years.

And, you will still be where you are today. I know that isn’t fun, in fact, it can down right suck. (Sorry, perfect word for it.)

It’s true there’s a time for everything. But if you keep waiting… it will never be YOUR time.

  • What are you sitting around wishing and waiting for?
  • What potential do you KNOW deep inside you have but keep holding back for that ONE DAY?
  • What do you need to let go of so that you can truly, freely move forward into the work you are meant to do?

This is the work we do at the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea.

It is one of those experiences where you’ll come to play with the Big Girls. Other women who are up to big things in their businesses and their lives.

Are you ready? Want to come play big?

Check out the details and then let’s talk about the Creative Business Retreat and discover just how ready you are! We can schedule a time to talk in more depth about your business – where you are and where you want to go.

AND, let’s do it now before September 1st and you can get in on the early bird pricing. Play Big for Less! (Best of both worlds.)

I’m ready to meet you in person! Let’s go!

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