How’s your Creative Fire holding up?


Creative fire…


It is something you feel deep down inside.

It’s like the pilot light on the furnace, only with warm fuzzies.

It burns every day and makes all else possible.

But what about when you can’ t feel any creative fire?

What about when it’s a little tiny flame that you so want to fan to make it into a roaring, warming campfire, but that feels a bit overwhelming or scary?

So you keep the flame down low… really low.

Or dampen it out because now isn’t the time, the place and, and, and…

And yet, there is this ache inside. It’s an insatiable ache, and it’s just not satisfied with a low simmer.

This ache is letting you know that…

…More is possible for you. Not more stuff. Not more to do’s.

More as in a deeper creative expression of your joy, passion, and genius.

When you listen to that deep ache, you KNOW you have a message and work to contribute to the world that is bigger than what you are allowing to come through you today.


What to do with this tug o-war with your creative fire?


You have a choice.

Spend a whole lot of time, energy and angst keeping the flame small, low and manageable…

Or let go and say YES.

YES to fanning the flame.

YES to now IS the time.

YES to more creative fire in your day – every day.


Where to start?


I’ll tell you where I have started and how I have kept my creative fire alive!

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I want to help you light the world with your creative fire,

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