JBTV – How’s your business going?

Hi! How’s your business going?

Have you ever been at a family gathering and someone asks you that question?

Oh, those family reunions where my beloved uncle is like…”So how’s your business going? Followed by, “Now, what do you do again?”

The 2nd question, I give them a simplified answer and let go of the need they need to understand it fully.

But that first question… So how’s it going?

That used to strike terror in me.

Inside my head, I immediately went to the idea that it’s all about the money. Only about the money. I’m failure because it’s not enough.

Then that could easily send me into a spiral of not being enough, not doing enough. A list of if only’s…

I saw this with my clients too. They would do all sorts of amazing things to grow their business, taking brave actions every day and discount every one of them in that moment of feeling like a deer in the headlights.

I just had a new client the other day make a list of Success Measurements that went over and beyond how much money she was making.

And, when you are doing SoulWork, it’s not only about the money.

Watch today’s episode of Joyful Business TV where I share other ways you can measure your success and acknowledge the progress you are making.

It’s a sure fire confidence booster… and much more of a fuller picture!

#57: How’s Your Business Going?

How do you answer that question? Do you only look at money to measure success – feeling like a failure or its never enough? There are more signs of success for your business. Watch for measurements of success that are sure signs your business is expanding and you’re on the right track. Plus, they are huge confidence builders!

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