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We are in for a super cold weekend, as I know many of you are too! (Except for our friends down under!). I’m looking forward to setting up my art desk in my new office and studio.

I do more creative things like art journaling when I have my supplies out and available.

Our environments matter! Our outer environments, and just as important, our inner environment!

On this week’s episode of Joyful Business TV, I am talking about an uber powerful process called Success Scripting. I’ve taken the idea of scripting and turned it into a transformational, healing, and inspiring process.

I hope you’ll watch and try your hand at scripting, or watch for a new Success Scripting™ workshop coming soon!

Joyful Business TV
#48: Success Scripting – Let’s Write Your Wildly Successful Reality!

Success Scripting is a powerful approach you can use in your business to activate ideas, inner power, creativity and magic and miracles! I’m sharing more details about how to get started on your Success Script and what’s possible!

In this episode we talk about:
*What is Success Scripting and how can it help you in your business.
*How to get started.
*The energy and power of scripting and what’s possible in your business with money, client attraction, projects, and programs and so much more!
*What do you do with a Success Script when you’re done?

You can watch this episode here!

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