How to Use Mindmaps to Create Your Online Course


I’m off to a 3-day workshop, but first I wanted to share with you a video tip I created for the community over at ruzuku.

(Ruzuku is one of my favorite online course delivery systems! I’ve created and delivered over 30 modules using it – AND IT WAS SO EASY!)

You can watch my video tip about “How To Create Your Course Using A Mindmap” right now. (Just click the video below.)

There’s a bunch of other course creation tips, AND they even have a cool new program coming up called the 30-Day Course Creation Challenge… and the extra good news is that it’s free!

Gotta run! Need to go pack my tote bag for this workshop. You know what I mean… markers, notebook, healthy snacks, phone charge, business cards.

There’s a science to this!

Enjoy the video tips and the free 30-Day Course Creation Challenge!

P.S. You can create your own courses with ruzuku, too!

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