How do you stand out with your creativity? 3 steps inside…


Hello Lovely Creative One!

Yes, I am talking to you!

You who are bursting with a creative urge ready to lead the world with your mission.

Whenever I talk with a woman about her mission and purpose, she gets so excited! Then when we talk about the business part, most women are so done with traditional business practices and pressures they can’t stand it

They know it’s time for something different, but they don’t always know what needs to happen.

They start wondering…

“Do I take an art class? Go on a travel adventure? Doodle my marketing? Stop marketing and just talk one-to-one with the universe? Just tell me!”

Can you relate?

Here’s the deal… things have changed in the “marketing your expertise” world. There are more experts and more access to information online than ever before.

So how do you stand out in this information-saturated world?

First step: Embrace your creative, intuitive, sensitive self as the amazing creative goddess you are. You probably have at least seen a glimpse of her or certainly heard her calling you to wake up! This will connect you to an inner power that will help in your business growth!

Second step: Do art. Travel. Have adventures. Doodle about it. Stop traditional marketing and make your marking fun, remarkable, real and engaging. And yes, have a pow-wow with your higher self. In fact, put your higher self on your advisory board!

This is what will have you as a creative (or a latent creative if that’s you) come alive! And stand out in a crowd.

Third step: When others say you are crazy, weird, or that will never work… tell them that traditional business doesn’t work for you, and then go over to your community of kindred-creatives at the Creative Business Studio!

At the new Creative Business Studio, you’ll find a virtual home for your creative, intuitive and sensitive self! You’ll find others who are claiming their creative calling and message and growing their businesses in a way that is real, sustainable, creative, and feels good to the mind, body and soul!

Want more details? Visit the Creative Business Studio. LINK

This is a year round virtual program and community where you get:

  • Creative Business Content Calls
  • A robust, fun, smart and creative community online to ask questions, champion you and pull you from the edge of the Doubt Vortex!
  • Open Coaching Calls
  • ArtJoy Tools
  • and so much more!

Sounds like heaven for Creatives, doesn’t it?!

If so, I hope you join us so you stop trying to kinda-be creative and thinking you’re doing something wrong in business. You don’t have to do this alone… And now think about this: how much more enriching will it be with others who are on a creative mission too?

In case you are wondering, the Creative Business Studio is perfect for creative entrepreneurs of any experience level – from beginners who want to grow their business based on their creativity, to seasoned entrepreneurs who want to stand out more with a creative twist on their marketing, and to those of you who are more mature in business experience and are ready to own your creative inspirational leadership but want to do it with creativity and fun!

Read all the juicy details here!

Oh, yes, and there are special incentives when you sign up by Friday, March 6!

See you in the Studio!

P.S. I also have the 2015 Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind opening up too. This includes two amazing Creative Business Retreats by-the-sea, private coaching, the Creative Business Studio, and more… let me know if you want to talk about this higher level of personal connection.