How Do You Know When It’s Time to Uplevel?

Your business is always evolving. It changes and grows as you do.

One of the things I found out pretty quickly with all of my business expansions is…

What got you here, won’t get you there.

You can’t grow to a new level of success with the same systems, team, and message. Or even with the same YOU.

Right now, my business is going through a big growth – upleveling in all areas. New website, new mastermind program, new team.

It fits with my own evolution. My boys are out of the house on their life journeys. I’ve got my personal foundation more in place as I moved to the ocean over the last year.

My message and Soul Work are taking on a deeper level of transformation as I work with successful changemakers who are stepping into their leadership in a more visible way.

I am ready for that next uplevel leap to share my Soul Work in a bigger way.

How about you?

These are a few of the areas in your business that might be ready for an uplevel expansion:

  1. Income – Almost everyone says YES to this one! Are you ready to make more money, more profit, or maybe it’s more money in less time?
  2. Visibility – Have you done the healing work to allow yourself to be seen and heard more frequently or on bigger arenas/stages.
  3. Impact – Are you doing deeper, richer work now? Your transformational work is getting more powerful results.
  4. Your Leadership – Stepping into being seen as a leader of your mission and passion
  5. Type of Client – Is there a new, more experienced or committed client on your horizon for some of your programs, or your whole work
  6. Systems – I have a saying that Systems = Freedom. If you want more free time to play, write, go on adventures, meditate, and to make more money, etc…then you want to put better systems in place.
  7. Support Team – You can’t expand alone and expect to be an expert at all things. There just isn’t time. And who has the interest? There are people who are amazing at the things that are not your strengths. Isn’t it time to focus on your genius work?
  8. Marketing Message – Your message is ready to evolve. This happens every couple of years in most businesses. Which means it’s time to change your marketing look or style and step into a fresh message.
  9. Lifestyle Shifts – Your life supports your business and your business supports your life! If you want to expand in your business, take a look at your life and see what needs to shift to better support your growth.

Which areas are calling to you to go to the next level of expansion?

What got you here, won’t get you there.

What needs to change so that you can grow your business?

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