How do I get so many projects done? And how can you do it too?


As a Creative Business Coach and Passion Curator, I am known for developing and packaging my expertise in creative, beautiful, and thought-provoking programs, products, and tools.

I know as a Creative Renegade you want to do this too!

And if you are already creating products and programs and creative marketing campaigns then you are ready to take it up a notch for even more impact…and income.

Here are just a few programs, products and projects I’ve created over the 15 years of being a Creative Business Success Coach.

I can tell you that my creative mind is filled with ideas but keeping them in my head isn’t going to grow my business or help my clients.

Getting the ideas into a plan is what helps me actually get things done.

In my former career as a VP of Marketing in the shopping center industry – I literally helped create 1000’s of marketing and business plans. (shudder!!)  These were gigantic, boring door stop types of tomes.  They were great to present to investors but not helpful on a daily basis. 

Over the years I have developed creative systems and tools to help me capture my ideas, organize them and then create a plan that I can use throughout the year. I use it every week in my business so I get my ideas into action.

It’s practical and yet fun too. (when it’s fun – then you are more likely to do it, right?)

Next week I am sharing my Creative Business Planning system and tools during a ½ Day Virtual Retreat.

It’s the perfect opportunity to learn my system, get inspired about creating your OWN Creative Business Plan AND the best part…you’ll get time to work on your own plan too!

Check out all the details here: Creative Business Planning Virtual Retreat

Don’t delay as it’s a small intimate group so that I can be available to help you during the retreat time.


Cheers to the most amazing year – 2016!!!



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