Have You Played Oprah’s Thank You Game Today?

I love the power of gratitude!  Oprah has taken it to a new fun and powerful level!

She has set a goal to reach 1/2 billion people in the U.S. (to start) to say Thank You to someone in their life. (Hey, if the lotto can get to 1/2 billion, surely, Oprah can too!)

On Oprah's website she shares how to simply say Thank You and how to speak your gratitude from your heart.  Not only does this make you feel all yummy and good inside…but you'll smile and share that goodness with at least 6 other people around you.

And the person you thanked…will feel a good inside and share their good vibes with 6 others…and so on..and so on!  

Your one simple Thank You could shift over 250 people's lives.   Talk about Pay It Forward!

THIS is what the power of consciously immersing yourself in sharing your joy is all about….shifting your energy, touching other's lives and creating a positive ripple that truly changes the world!

Have fun with it!



Center for Joyful Business

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