Have You “Forgotten” Your Brilliance?

When I work with private clients, one of the first things we do is to excavate their Beautiful Brilliance so they can find, claim and truly own their unique genius.

My clients are always amazed at how they “forgot” a whole career path of expertise. Expertise that could help them now as a coach, healer or heart-centered entrepreneur.

I remember when I had an ‘aha’ moment doing this process. Once I became a coach (almost 22 years ago), I somehow let go of my unique expertise I had in corporate marketing. One of the things I was really good at was creating corporate programs for the 50 shopping centers around the country to roll out in each of the malls to increase sales. I was (am) really good at knowing what the people in the field needed to be successful in rolling out these programs. In fact, they created a new position for me called VP of Field Marketing because I was naturally brilliant at this.

It was a blend of understanding what was needed practically in the malls, what they needed to present the program for the retailers to buy into it, and blending what I intuitively knew each marketing manager needed to feel they could own the program themselves.

This was stuff I learned and came naturally. It blended my strengths of intuition, empathy and innate sense of flow, plus caring about the practical.

It was several years into my coaching business before I “remembered” that expertise and my brilliance to know what someone needs (inside and out) to be successful.

It deepened my confidence and conviction in my business coaching and supported me when I created my first Facilitator License program. (This was for coaches to become a Licensed Passion Project Facilitator…I leaned into a very similar set of skills).

Each time I do this process of excavating the Beautiful Brilliance with a client, we find a treasure chest full of wisdom gained from overcoming challenges, special expertise, learned and innate strengths, and their unique blend of intuition, empathy and creativity.

They always end up with a deeper conviction of their Soul Work and confidence in stepping into being seen as a leader.

So, for you…what treasure have you left behind?

When you think back to your past jobs, challenges, and experiences, what is there for you to reclaim?

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