Halloween Candy Hangover Day – Last Chance


So, do you have a big giant bowl of trick-or-treat candy from last night? Or maybe your kids are like mine and keep their treats in their own bag?

I have to admit I have been known to sneek into a treasured bag late at night and gaze at all the treats trying to decide which one is worth it!

All those dazzling wrappers, chocolate-this, and caramel-that…

Isn’t it kind of the same feeling you get when you have an idea journal full of ideas, dreams, and possibilities for your business?

It’s a little overwhelming…

If this is what your mind feels like with all these possibilities floating around… that’s where I can help! I can help you put all those possibilities, ideas, and projects together in a way that makes sense, allows you to express your uniqueness and creativity, and is even – can you believe – fun!

You know I just love the combination of personal creativity and business – and when you ignite your creativity, your business grows!

I want you to have this experience so you are ready for 2014!

So, I’m opening up a few dates between now and the end of the year for a 4-hour Virtual Private Creative Retreat with just me and you!

We’ll customize the day to focus on 2014 plans for your business… and ALWAYS bringing in that creativity and fun aspect that you know and love from the Business Fusion Studio.

We can spend the 4 hours (with a short break) on Skype or on the phone for customized coaching on your business. Some areas we might focus on include:

  • Getting clear about your Personal Essence, Brand and Mission
  • Determining if your message is clear & compelling throughout your marketing strategies.
  • Creating a plan for owning your expertise and for how to get your message out as a Creative Inspirational Thought Leader.
  • Brainstorm your marketing strategies & plans for 2014
  • Marketing Makeovers for your website, free gift, blog to see if they are in alignment with your Creative Inspirational Leader movement & message
  • Shift some inner belief limits about possibilities and visibility
  • Craft your programs or product design, marketing and pricing.

And of course, we’ll use markers & sticky notes in the creative process!

It’s only $997 for the 4-hour retreat, plus a pre-retreat planning call. (A really great deal actually!).

Today is the last day to be in touch with me and grab your date!

This really is a great opportunity to get some one-on-one time with my creative eyes and marketing smarts looking at your business. I really love this work and can’t wait to help you make more of a Creative Inspirational Leader impact!

So, if you have any questions or you know you are interested, go ahead and send me an email and we can get you set up! (Just hit “reply.”)

I’m looking forward to your Creative Retreat… I know it will be business-shifting, creative, and confidence-boosting!



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