Going to Your Edges

I had just experienced a powerful coaching session all about opening up my wild, creative heart to life, relationships, and more expression in my business when I opened an email inviting me to a retreat about connecting to my wild heart in Guatemala.

I love how life is full of synchronicities – just when you need the message or invitation, it arrives!

Two days later, my favorite travel friend and I were signed up and excited to go on this adventure.

Then we read the warnings about the country and advisories to reconsider travel to this potentially dangerous country…

We both got anxious and scared.

It was a huge edge – going to a country where I didn’t speak the language and all I heard in the news was well, bad news.

I didn’t cancel.

Instead, I investigated. I started asking people about Guatemala and found so many people who have visited this country. I heard story after story of how much they love the beauty and the people.

I even got connected to a colleague who was in one of the towns with her family while we were there. More amazing synchronicities!

Even with all the promising stories, I was nervous and excited. I call it JoyFear.

We did all the smart things. Using common sense, making reservations for transportation with recommended travel companies and not taking risks at night or on public transportation.

And still it was an edge… all the time.

It’s like you have a fence around you and inside is your comfort zone. As you get closer to the edge, your JoyFear rises.

Hailing a boat taxi, being in a car where the driver only says “Antigua, no problema” over and over again, negotiating prices in a language where I only know remedial words from high school Spanish… all edges.

We took a boat taxi (by waving robustly from the dock) to another village on the lake. We are walking around the village, feeling lost, not sure where to go, and really uncomfortable.

At one point, we sat on a park bench just to get comfortable in the new environment. We just breathed in the new village with our senses.

But then, little by little… we found a store we were interested in. I saw a gift for a friend. I got out my translator app and my currency converter app and started talking. I hate negotiating, and yet here I was negotiating in half English and half Spanish. Success! I went beyond my comfort zone.

Then we found new places to explore.

I felt different the rest of the morning. My anxiety melted away. A new confidence emerged. More curiosity appeared to lead us to what was around the corner. A grounded knowing and trust that we can always change our minds.

That led to more discoveries and connections with the local marketplace and people. Laughter. Amazing paradise sanctuaries behind little doors.

I love the creative adventure of travel. It awakens you to whole new depths of yourself as you discover what makes you feel alive.

Getting out of your familiar and comfortable environment will help you practice moving beyond your edges.

This is what you need to truly step in as a powerful change maker and leader, and to show up more fully in your creative self-expression.

You can’t expect to support others in living their best life, moving through obstacles, and living a life with freedom and courage if you aren’t doing the same!