Love journaling or wished you did? This is SO for you…

Hello Creative One!

I’m so happy to share this really cool, fun thing I’m a part of.

It’s all about journaling!

If you’ve been around me you know I’m a huge fan of the power of journaling.

This is a small speaker series with some very creative and successful entrepreneurs who are also big journaling fans!

Journaling is such an amazing way to process your emotions, calm your nervous system, organize your ideas, align your energy and inspiration…and journaling can help you manifest your dreams!

This journaling series is called Go To the Page hosted by my friend and colleague, Lynda Monk, Director of the International Association for Journal Writing.

If you love journaling you’ll get some great pro tips!

If you wished you loved journaling or have never tried it…you’ll get inspired and learn ideas for how to find your own journaling style.

My interview is broadcasted on Tuesday and I’ll be talking about Writing Your Reality through scripting.

Let me know how you enjoy it!

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