An Opportunity to Get Stuff Done That Matters!

by Laura West

Sometimes my To-Do List, that is chockfull of ideas, can be like a weight around my neck. Can you relate? Those ideas that were once inspiring and now are constantly nagging at me to get to work on!

These are the ideas that are not only cool, fun, and creative, but are also the very ideas that will move my business forward, set my personal and business brand apart and ultimately, attract more clients and opportunities!

It’s great to be so busy working in your business – delivering your services, products and programs to your clients, but if you don’t take some time to work ON your business then one day the clients will come to a halt. You haven’t done things to move your business forward so it dries up.

It’s the most popular frustration of a solo-preneur: feast or famine. Being busy delivering your services and not keeping the marketing message going.

Why not schedule some time to


In fact, why not join me and some other fun and committed business owners for a Virtual Retreat where everyone is getting stuff done that matters?!

If you haven’t been on one of my Virtual Retreats yet- they are informative, supportive and it’s fun to get stuff done with accountability!

I hope you can join us next Friday, October 14th… sign up now and get the super affordable price!

Here’s more information for you for the Get Stuff Done That Matters Virtual Retreat:

Join us here —>>> Get Stuff Done That Matters

See you on the retreat!

Can’t wait to hear how good you feel checking the important stuff off your list!

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