Did You Get Your 2019 Joyful Business Plan & Planners Yet?

by Laura West.

Can you feel it?

It’s the fresh breeze of energy of a new year! We start feeling a natural rhythm of fresh possibilities and potential.

It’s the natural time of year to create your business plan.

I’m excited to share the 2019 version of the Joyful Business Plan which includes new tools, new planners and more!

I take years of business planning experience from my corporate days and working with retailers on plans and combine a creative fresh approach!

When your business plan is fun and creative then you’ll love doing it and… when you feel good… you are more likely to do it!

That’s the real secret to having a Joyful Business – when you feel good you are more confident, creative, inspired and well, more likely to make things happen!

That’s why I created the Joyful Business Plan with a right-brain approach… to stimulate those creative ideas, capture them… and then organize them into a yearly plan.

But I don’t stop there!

I give you the easy tools to break your yearly plan down into quarterly, weekly and daily bite-size action steps.

***So you’ll get stuff done… all year long!

In a way that is fun, creative and nurturing!

Here’s what you get in the new 2019 version:

  • 16 Playsheets for getting clear about your business, your offers and marketing strategies
  • 6 Creative Planners for your marketing, social media – for the year, 90 days and DAILY! Never wonder what to do again!
  • 4 Essential Idea and Project organizers and planners – this will help you focus beyond just your yearly planning day! You’ll use these all year long!
  • 25+ short action-packed video trainings so you know how to work with your playsheets and planners and can jump right in!
  • 1 Virtual Planning Retreat – so you have time and accountability to get your plan done!
  • 1 Idea packed Facebook Community for support!
  • PLUS so much more!

For years my clients have raved about my creative approach to business planning. That’s why I put it all together in a beautiful, creative and yet oh-so-practical planning system for you!

When you get your plan – you’ll get instant access to the new 2019 Joyful Business Plan, and video trainings for how to use each tool in the plan… and you get a Virtual Planning Day in January.

Be sure to get your 2019 Joyful Business Plan by Friday so you can get the SUPER SAVER rate!

All this for ONLY $97!

It’s so worth it to plan a year of amazing success! You’ll make that investment back in no time, right?

So, come on over and get all the details and INSTANT ACCESS: https://www.joyfulbusiness.com/planning-system

I can’t wait to celebrate 2019 with you!

To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success,


PS: If you would love to plan in-person with me – I’m also offering a special LIVE in-person planning day in Alanta! You can read the details here. I’m co-sponsoring this special opportunity with the ICF Georgia Chapter. They are so excited to have their coaches create more success with a plan! (You don’t have to be a coach to attend!) I’d love to see you in-person!

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