I’ve Created Something Fun (and Free) for You!

I’m really excited to share something wonderful with you!

It’s my new Daily Flow Rituals ebook!

The creative rituals in here will help you create sacred space and the deep presence you need so you can experience more clarity, calm and courage throughout your day.

Inside you’ll get ideas for over 90 ways you can easily create your own daily rituals to support your creativity, confidence and aligned action in your business… and your life!

Life is stressful enough to keep wrestling with the dance of struggle.

You have the power to shift your attitude and cultivate an openness that will totally shift the flow of your day when you use these rituals to align your intentional energy with your outer actions.

I’ll share with you how rituals have become a big part of my life and how I now incorporate them all throughout my day in my business. It makes such a difference in my energy and attitude! And in what and how I create!

You’ll also read some really inspiring and creative ideas from my clients who weave rituals in their businesses too.

Here are a couple of rituals from clients that you’ll read about inside…

From Kim Wilkish of New Tides Coaching,

In the summer when I wake early, I’ll make a cup of coffee and bring it with me as I sit on my back deck, read or journal and watch the sun rise from behind the trees and shine across my yard. I treasure the moment of solitude and quiet before the family rises.

From Robert Hackman, 4 C’s Coaching and Consulting
(Yes, men use rituals too! In case you were wondering!)

Before I go to bed, end my day by writing down 3-gratitudes and 3-accomplishments for the day.

It can be simple to put intention into your day and shift your energy so that you open your creative flow.

You can get your Daily Flow Rituals here.

Let me know how you enjoy these simple yet powerful rituals and how you are inspired to bring them into our life and business!


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