[Friday Joy Infusion] Want to know how I deliver online multi-media classes? You can too! Super Cool, Super Easy, Super Course


As part of my own Creativity in Business journey, I’ve also been looking at new technology, interesting platforms, and cool tools.

One of my all-time favorite tools is Ruzuku, an awesome, easy-to-use learning and training platform.

I delivered my entire Business Fusion Studio, a set of 16 multi-media modules with this platform. But it wasn’t just that it was a neat, new way, “see how cool I am” thing to do. I fell in love with it! All the members who have gone through the modules have loved it, too!

Let me share three things that ruzuku did (and still does) for me and my team:

  • It is easy for US to use and to easily plop our new creative content into. They say that in their promotional materials, but I’m always a bit of a skeptic… but it really is easy! (A must for a Creative like me!)
  • Gives us incredible flexibility on what kind of teaching tools we can offer. We have videos, audios, PDFs, PowerPoints, discussions… you can work with any learning style!
  • Most importantly, it is an easy learning platform for our users… We had very few support or technical requests (and those we did have were expertly handled by Ruzuku’s support staff).

I’m pretty picky about things I recommend. So, when I say it’s a favorite, that really means a lot!

If you are at all interested in delivering your own content online, you might want to check out Ruzuku’s Super Course – for free – just this week.

Plus, they are so smart… Ruzuku has teamed with some of their instructors to give you marketing modules so you can learn AND test out ruzuku at the same time.

You can go through the free programs that me and some other great teachers are offering, and, as I said, not only will you learn some great stuff to help your business – you’ll also see Ruzuku in action and see how you like it.


Super Course: Build A Thriving, Profitable Online Teaching Business in 2014


Here are some of the cool marketing modules in this Super Course (from people like Jennifer Louden, Charlie Gilkey, Rachna Jain, me 🙂 and more):

  1. Putting together a clear business model and strategy
  2. Figuring out how to generate cash flow faster, when doing the things you are “supposed to do,” such as blogging, aren’t working
  3. Making all the pieces of the “funnel” (website, email list, specific offers) fit work together
  4. How to get over the content creation “block” and finally write those course materials
  5. Making your personal brand and message “sing” to people are attracted to your work
  6. Write emails that nurture prospective clients (and new clients) and generate more sales
  7. Create sales pages that actually sell your courses
  8. Come up with ways to really *connect* with participants in your online programs and courses
  9. Use social media effectively – to build your network and get clients – instead of just flailing around on Facebook

How’s that list sounding?

If you’re ready to get deeper into these topics, and you want to test drive the ruzuku experience, then check it out…

Super Course: Build A Thriving, Profitable Online Teaching Business in 2014

Here’s to cool, fun, and easy and… teaching online with multi-media!



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