{Friday Joy Infusion} Want to bring more BIG MAGIC into your business?


I know a lot of you are fans of Elizabeth Gilbert and her latest book, Big Magic. Me too!

Wouldn’t you like to bring more Big Magic into your business and your life?

Big Magic is all about creative living beyond fear.  What would you do if you weren’t afraid of failing, looking silly or not making money?

I am passionate that the key to your success – whether it’s in your business or your life – is to tap into your creative power.

In her book, Elizabeth talks about building up your muscles around courage, enchantment, permission, persistence, trust and divine wisdom. I love these golden touchstones!

I also know it takes more than just reading about them to incorporate them into your daily work and life.

This book is one of the influences for the *New* Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. 

This retreat experience gives you an experiential immersion into practicing these Big Magic qualities plus more.  I bring in several influences from the business, art, productivity and self-nourishment arenas so that you give yourself an opportunity to explore where you want to go next in your business.

It’s a safe beautiful place and space to ask the big questions…

  • Where is rejuvenation necessary? 
  • What is not working in my business?
  • What ships do I need to burn?
  • What new masts do I want to raise?
  • What is the soul of my business saying to me that I can’t hear in my daily life?
  • What is not working in my life that if I changed – I know would open up the flow in my business too?

You aren’t going to get these answers at a big, huge conference, or a networking event or a class.  

This is a intimate special place to go when you and your business need rejuvenation of your creative power so you can clear about what’s next for you.

The Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea is being held:

Monday, April 18 – Thursday, April 21

In the beautiful tranquil end of Virginia Beach on the oceanfront

It’s an all inclusive experience with your lodging, healthy food and supplies.

If you want to know more – let’s talk and find out if this is right for you! Schedule a time for us to talk HERE.

There are only a few spots available as this is a small group experience – so if you are interested, don’t wait too long!

Creative Renegade,

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