[Friday Joy Infusion] Video of my Favorite Creative Biz Planning Tools & invitation

Ok… no dodging it! 2013 is here, and I know you are full of ideas!

Ideas about the launches. The products. The programs. Creative marketing and more!

If you are like me, then you are already saying, “This is MY Year!”

YES! AND… if you truly want THIS year to be different, then how about daring to commit to your year with your very own Business Plan….albeit a Creative Business Plan?

OUT with the traditional create-a-plan-and-stick-to-it.

IN with new ways of planning that actually work for YOU – as a creative entrepreneur – that combine Focus & Flow!

Take a look at my video below where I show you a delightful buffet of my favorite – and nonboring! – creative planning tools: what I use, how I use them, and even where I get them!

Having the right tools, systems and supplies is the first step in developing a Creative Planning System that really works for YOU!

If you’d like to take it a step further and put those supplies to use, join me Thursday, January 10, for my Virtual Creative Business Studio. This month’s topic is Creative Planning for 2013!

I’ll take you and other smart, creative entrepreneurs through the process I use to plan all those projects I create. And you’ll get a chance to work on your 2013 plan!

Date: Thursday, January 10
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm eastern
Location: Virtually! We’ll be meeting via webinar and bridgeline, so you’ll be able to see the tools I share in action!
Price: Only $97 for this creatively rich ½-day virtual experience, plus you get a 50 page+ Creative Planning ebook and worksheets!


Find out more and sign up for the Virtual Creative Business Studio!


You’ll be happy you did! You’ll use these supplies and systems over and over!

2013…. get ready for YOUR year!



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