[Friday Joy Infusion] VIDEO Fun – 50+ ideas for Creative Inspired Leaders to Share Their Expertise

It’s Friday, which means, of course, Friday Joy Infusion, and it also means… Let’s have some creative fun!

I created the video below sharing strategies and ideas for How To Be A Creative Thought Leader. I had so much fun doing it! Blending my creativity and expertise…. and then knowing I was going to share this gift to inspire YOU!

Yes, it looks and sounds cool (and that did take some work), but it didn’t feel like work because I’m so passionate about what I’m up to, and I kept my focus on sharing this content in a creative and engaging way!


This video is a great example of what I mean when I talk about being a Creative Inspired Leader.

When you finally say YES and embrace your gifts, brilliance, and dreams…and take the inspired actions in front of you – you can do anything. And it always amazes me that as soon as you say YES and take one action, it opens up more synchronicities, opportunities, and people showing up to support your dreams!

Guess what?

I’m one of those synchronicities! 😉 I’m showing up in front of you ready to champion your business dreams and make them a reality! Are you ready to say YES?

Watch the video, notice where you get inspired, where your creative ideas start flowing! Notice where you get excited AND where you get scared! (It happens to us all, but don’t’ let that stop you!)

If you find yourself saying, “YESSSSS!!!” – then let’s set up a time to talk about the different ways I can help YOU become a Creative Inspired Leader!

Book your complimentary consultation with me today.

I am so inspired by the women signing up for these consultations – the creative ideas, the passion and the dreams ready to be birthed! I can’t wait to talk to you about your Creative – Inspiration – Leadership Dreams!