[Friday Joy Infusion] Special Event: Help the Universe Conspire for Your Well-being


Have you ever noticed when people pay you the most compliments?

I have. The compliments ALWAYS come during those times when I feel calm and happy inside. It’s when I truly feel as if the Universe is conspiring for my well-being. It is as if I have a “compliment magnet” attached to me. People notice my outfit, or maybe give me a comment on my hair (depending on whether the Atlanta heat has made it frizzy or not!). I love those times!

But then there are those times where I have a tight, maxed-out, rush-here-to-there schedule, or perhaps I am distracted by a personal issue or something going on in my business. During those time I find that NO ONE shares those nice comments. Why?

I am not doing my hair differently or wearing different clothes. I still greet people with my “happy” smile (you know the one: “smile so no one will know that life is a major challenge right now”).

So what makes the difference?

Stress has a look and feel of its own. People feel it, and it’s unattractive.

With the holidays (and some stress) speedily approaching, my colleague Cathy Freeman has asked me and several others to teach some tips for managing the overload and holding onto our bright inner sparkle. These woman are experts in their fields and have proven track records of redirecting the emotional energy of stress.


(I’ll be teaching about the power of creating a Joy Journal to harness that positive energy – and to be able to tap into it at any time.)

What will you come away with? Feeling more energized to start with. And hopefully a handful of tools to use over and over.

These teleclasses are FREE and begin December 3rd – 6th. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live; they will be recorded and you will have access to them for a short time.

Ready for some tips of how to have that Inner Glow?

The Universe really is conspiring for your well-being… help it along!



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