[Friday Joy Infusion] Something new and fun… (Micro-learning!)


Happy Spring Friday afternoon! (If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, that is!)

Welcome to this Friday’s Joy Infusion message!

I have recently met a woman who is all about BIG. She has big energy and big ideas.

It’s very compelling!

In fact, so compelling that I immediately said that I’d love to participate in Shelia Galligan’s new Online Video Training Event.

Actually, true to her reputation, it is the BIGGEST group of training specialists that have gathered for a ground-breaking new way of learning called Micro-Learning. The speaker presents short bursts of 20-minute videos. Each video is then followed by a LIVE 15-minute Q&A session where you can ask the speaker any question you want! So not only are you getting quick bursts of stellar content, but you also have DIRECT ACCESS to each speaker. Intriguing, huh?

I am inviting you to be a part FREE virtual video training event and I would like YOU to join us, but only if you are finally ready, to live the life you are called to live.

The event is created and hosted by my colleague Sheila Galligan of Go Big Global. It is called:


“GO BIG And See The Results In Your Checkbook Video Summit”


I’ll let you read all the details, but I hope you’ll join us… I’m creating a special video training on Packaging Your Passion for the GO BIG event – just for YOU!

Get ready to GO BIG!




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