[Friday Joy Infusion] On Loving Yourself and Business Success


Happy Valentine’s Day to you… and to me!

Amidst all the chocolate, champagne and flowers, there’s the real meaning behind this holiday.

Expressing love.

We typically think about expressing our love to others: our partners, family and friends, or even our clients.

But what about expressing love… to yourself?

More & more I find at the core of what holds us back in our business, keeps us small… having to be busy, busy, busy for mediocre results. It’s because we don’t love ourselves enough.

I’m not just talking bubble baths and self-care, although I am a believer in exquisite self-care.

It goes beyond.

It’s accepting yourself.

Accepting yourself in all your quirkiness, weirdness, temperamental self… the self that puts crazy expectations on you (worse than any boss you’ve ever had!) and beats you up for not doing enough or doing it wrong or being too much or too little. Whew!

Can you accept that part of you?

It’s also accepting that you are highly sensitive, intuitive, emotional, creative, and that you do things differently from 90% of the population.

Isn’t it high time to love and accept those parts of you?

What if you put down the fight? And just accept.

I can tell you that when you do, everything starts to shift.

There will be a resonance in your work, in your message, your communications and connections that goes beyond the marketing strategy… it’s the energy underneath the connection that lines up in a way when someone says they want to work with you right now, they want to join a program, and they don’t even know why – they just know it’s right and true for them.

And it isn’t because you perfected a marketing system (although that makes things easier).

It’s because you stopped beating yourself up for being different and started loving the difference.

I’m not saying it’s easy. I’ve been on this path myself, and I know it takes a huge amount of courage.

But it makes all the difference in realizing your dreams.

Love yourself + smart creative marketing = makes us laugh & enjoy the journey AND the success!

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Loving you and me,

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