[Friday Joy Infusion] Need an income boost? You don’t want to miss this!

A single client here.

A speaking gig there.

Are you turning your opportunities into maximum income?

Maybe you’ve thought about creating a product or program so you could turn your knowledge and expertise into more income, but you didn’t know where to start…

…like what topic would sell, how you would market it, or how you would set up the technical stuff so you could feel confident that you’d have ongoing sales that required minimal work.

Or perhaps you already created one but haven’t had much success selling it. That would be a shame because it is the absolute best way I know to take a so-so business and turn it into a sustainable 6-figure business that will end that frustrating feast or famine cycle.

(I have to say there’s nothing more joyful than passive revenue from a product you’ve created!)

My expert friends and colleagues Janis Pettit and Christine Cobb have teamed up for a top-notch event, and you’re invited!

Don’t miss this 2-part Training Bonanza!

Part 1 – Increase Your Income by $1000 to $10,000 a Month by Turning Your Knowledge into Lucrative Products

Part 2 – The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Building Your Information Product Delivery System


It starts next Wednesday (November 14th ) from 4 to 6:30 PM ET, and it’s FREE!

Here’s what Janis will share in Part 1

  • 4 HUGE problems that keep most coaches, consultants, authors, trainers and service based business owners from making enough money
  • The common, life-sucking business model that may be keeping you stuck selling time for dollars
  • Specific client case studies: real examples of clients who used this model to increase their annual sales by $100,000 or more by packaging their knowledge
  • 10 simple ways to package your knowledge into easy-to-sell products
  • The 2 HIGH SPEED WAYS to generate an ongoing stream of product sales
  • 3 crucial product sales success secrets
  • The PROVEN 8-Step System that can immediately help you turn your knowledge into products that sell and can add $1000 to $10,000 to your monthly sales

And then we have Chris…. With her easy-to-follow teaching style, she’ll walk you through the steps to creating your own digital delivery system. She will even take you inside a real life example of how a world-class copywriter turned her physical product and small group teaching into a set-it-up-once system that is getting rave reviews.

In Part II of this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The most successful digital formats that turn your existing content into solid gold
  • The simple “autopilot” delivery system that totally removes the hassles and headaches of content distribution.
  • The one thing you must have to establish a sales team finding thousands of new customers
  • As an added bonus, you’ll walk away with 3 super-easy tricks for making your PDFs, slideshows and videos super cool.

Plus they tell me they intend to have some FUN by giving away special bonuses, and 2 SECRET CODES that could win you over $1000 worth of high value training from Janis and Chris.

Grab your spot and your favorite beverage and prepare to learn and have fun!



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